When it came time to renew my annual subscription to my beloved Evernote account, I had to think twice about it since it’s $80/year. I needed to pair down my budget. One of my techy friends told me to try OneNote since I already had a basic Microsoft Office 365 account for my business. The Office 365 plan I have is $6/mo and it comes with a bunch of tools, one of which is OneNote. I used the OneNote migration tool to import all my Evernote content into OneNote. It wasn’t exactly seamless, but I got pretty much all my important stuff. I’m a bit of a digital hoarder (because that’s my business) and I was worried I might lose some stuff. If I ever notice I can’t find something, thankfully, I can still access my old content in Evernote. That’s only happened once.

So, I wanted to share this OneNote tips and tricks video with you all that I came across in my YouTube travels. It’s pretty informative. OneNote basically has all the same functionality as Evernote. I can even email stuff to OneNote. That was my favorite feature of Evernote. This saves me $80/yr in subscription fees. Here’s the handy tips & tricks on OneNote. I hope you find it useful.