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I am a 40-something healthcare professional and entrepreneur on a journey of re-discovery. This personal blog is where I share some of the ups and downs of dating & relating, entrepreneurship, work, health and wellness, and life in general. One of the things I’ve picked up along this re-discovery journey is a love for crafting, bespoke items and all things handmade. I even had a handmade bath and body products business for a few years. 

Prior to embarking on this journey to re-discovery, I consulted with some of the nation’s top medical schools and government agencies on patient engagement strategies, while offering my unique insight from my experiences as a healthcare professional, long-term caregiver, patient and digital media publisher.

I’m a native of Flint, Michigan, where I finished my undergraduate studies at The University of Michigan-Flint. I’m also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. After completing a graduate degree in healthcare administration, I now work at one of the nation’s top-rated hospitals in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a board certified Clinical Laboratory Scientist currently focusing my efforts on healthcare quality and patient safety.

I have a reputation for being a passionate, no-nonsense advocate for patients and their safety.  I’m driven by faith, my relationship with God and am an amazing support system. You need some people like my people 😊. Prior to directing my focus inward to determine my next mission, I was dedicated to closing the gap in healthcare disparities.  I still strongly believe in strengthening the health literacy of patients, families and consumers to improve their confidence when speaking to medical professionals. If we can accomplish this, it will allow more patients to take an active role in decision-making for their health.

At this time, I’m committed to re-discovering me and where I can make the most impact on people. I’ll be using this blog to sort out my thoughts, share my discoveries and everything I’m good at. I want to keep it balanced, so I’ll be as transparent as my intuition will allow about any lessons learned (i.e. “course corrections” and “failures.” 


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