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Software, Voice Notes & Wealthy Intentions

Hey friends! Meredith here with big news—I've been busy building a virtual classroom app tailored for my "Create Your Digital Twin Workshop." This new platform can support up to 12 students and doesn't require high-end hardware, making learning easier and more accessible. Plus, I'm considering starting a voice note series to blend with my AI art. Exciting times ahead as I aim for financial independence and consistent content creation. Stay tuned and check out the video for more details!

Hey Ya’ll! I have a pretty big update after being quiet for a while. It has been hectic! I haven’t been able to post and go live like I’d prefer to. That said, this is the start of a new series called “Everyday Living with Meredith.” In today’s short episode, I’m excited to announce that my virtual classroom software is now ready!

This is great news for my students taking the Create Your Digital Twin Workshop for Stable Diffusion 🙌🏾.

There’s more to the story below the video. Please watch the video 1st though.

How I Ended Up Managing a Software Development Project

I started teaching a class on stable diffusion in December ’23. Stable Diffusion is an AI art program that requires a lot of compute power, in particular, GPU. I have an M1 MacBook and stable diffusion isn’t going to run on my laptop at a comfortable speed. Meaning, it will take minutes to generate 1 image. The way my patience is set up, I’d just rather use a cloud-based service. So, I had been using While runpod is cool, there are challenges. I’d say 65%-75% of the time, I have issues spinning up a pod and my students often encounter issues when spinning up a pod for the workshop. This ends up slowing down the pace of the workshop.

For those reasons, I thought it would be nice to have my own virtual classroom where all the students could sign on to my platform and run stable diffusion there during class. So…I set out to have it built. I led the project as the project manager and hired a developer on Upwork. It has been an amazing experience. Now, I have my own web application that can handle up to 12 students at a time in the virtual classroom environment.

I’m already thinking of ways I can use the virtual classroom. I’ll be able to offer in-person workshops where the students just need to bring their regular laptop. They won’t need a souped up gaming laptop to be successful with my workshop.

Think I’ma Start Recording Voice Notes

Anywho, I’m toying with the idea of recording voice notes on a regular basis and sharing them like a podcast. Most likely, they’ll be short notes. I’m going to blend them with my AI art and post them here on the blog. I was inspired by Jai Stone, The Brandmother, to be more consistent with voice notes. I record and post them from time to time, BUT, I’ve not been intentional about it. This year feels different for me, so I’m being intentional about capturing the moments.

My Wealthy Intentions

I keep saying “I mean to have something!” Meaning build some financial independence and security for myself. I believe this year will help me get on a firm foundation for that. It’s been a LONG time coming.

God, I thank you in advance for what’s to come!

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