This next rotation around the will focus on increasing my income by 50%. It may seem aggressive and greedy to someone,  but it’s a necessity for me. It’s necessary to improve my lifestyle for things like hair appointments, cash flow for my business, being able to make moves like I want, buy gifts to celebrate the people I love and for my financial freedom. It’s only so much budgeting and cutting back I can do. Plus, it costs a lot money to get a business off the ground and profitable! I’m at the place where I’ve made a decision that I must and deserve to earn more, PERIOD. 

I will be doing this by studying for and obtaining some certifications. 

Certified scrum product owner

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

I started studying for the AWS SAA in 2019, but got distracted. However, I recently found She Builds CloudUp, a program for women with a community component that’s more conducive to my learning style than what I was doing before. 

In other words, bad bish tings loading for 2022. Aye ??? ??‍♂️. 

I’m going to be sharing snippets of the journey  on my blog. Because rule #1 is own your platform. I’ll share it on the book, but it’s going to live on my site. 

Cheers to 46! 

P.s. I don’t have any big plans for this birthday, not unlike several years in the past. That’s for a couple reasons. 1st, I had an unexpected framily (chosen family) situation to attend to out of town. I’ll be having brunch with some girlfriends when I return later today. But secondly, it’s because I’m limited by finances to take a trip or host a birthday party, etc. I’m tired of being deprived of these things and I’m tired of being broke. There, I said it. That is not God’s will for me and I know I’m living beneath my privilege. That is part of the motivation to increase my earning power. I’ve basically gone as far as I can go in my chosen career field because I’m not interested in managing people. Y’all know how my mouth and face is set up. I have a mentor though that advises me on how to talk to people, because chile ?. 

So there you have it! My bag is loading ??. 

Anyone  interested in the resources I find along the way, let me know. I’m happy to share what I know and learn, once I put on my own oxygen masks ☺️. 

Finally, I’m celebrating my birthday by giving you 20% off your Maurita’s Essentials purchase. Offer good 9am-midnight, today only 12/5/2021. Gift set purchases excluded. Offer code: BIRTHDAY