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My Fibroid Journey

This is my YouTube debut, lol. Check me out as I share a little bit about when and how I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid tumor. After keeping an eye on it for a couple years, my doctor told me it finally needed to come out because it was pressing on my kidney and causing hydronephrosis. She gave me a few treatment options and I decided on a laproscopic myomectomy.

In the video you’ll see/hear about:

  • Tests my doctor ordered to diagnose my the condition
  • Treatment options
    • Wait and see for 6 months
    • Depo Lupron injections
    • Abdominal myomectomy
    • Laproscopic myomectomy
  • Footage from the day of surgery
  • How I’m doing after surgery

Here’s my story:

Do you suffer from fibroids? Have you had a procedure done? Please share you story and/or ask questions.

For more info about fibroids:

About my surgery:

Fibroid treatment options:

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