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Diva Cup Review

Diva CupDisclaimer: This post is for the ladies and may not be suitable to read while eating

I started using the Diva Cup back in 2006. I was browsing a natural hair care forum ( and came across a post about it. I was intrigued because I had never heard of anything like it. But several ladies in the forum swore by it. It’s a sizable investment of about $30 for a feminine hygiene product, but it’s reusable and will last for years. I’ve had mine since ’06 and it’s still yet holding on.

I feel comfortable recommending it for adult women and not pre-teens & teens, simply because it is inserted into the vagina and parental discretion seems appropriate. It comes is 2 different sizes. Size 1 is for women under 30 who have not had children. Size 2 is for any woman who has had children or over 30.

I use my Diva Cup monthly and seldom rely on any other method of feminine hygiene protection during my cycle. I even used it when I suffered from fibroids and didn’t have any issues.


  • Reusable – green product, great for the environment
  • Saves money – no more pad & tampon purchases
  • Can be emptied as little as twice a day
  • Minimizes odor during your cycle
  • Doesn’t leak when properly inserted
  • Great for water activities
  • No unsightly strings
  • No bulky feeling in your underpants
  • Comes in 2 sizes


  • Can be tricky to learn how to insert
  • Awkward to empty & clean if no sink available in the stall of a public restroom
  • The stem can be uncomfortable, I cut mine way down

Bottom line: You should give it a try

My tips for successful use:

  • Read the directions!
  • Make sure the cup is fully open after insertion & rotate ½ turn in either direction to ensure placement

Yay! Now we can really be happy about our periods ☺For more information, check out The Diva Cup website. If you’ve tried it already or plan to try it soon, let me know what you think down in the comments.

The Diva Cup is available on Amazon (affiliate link).
Diva Cup Model 1 Pre-Childbirth $25.51

DivaCup Model 2 Post-Childbirth $25.99

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