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My 23andMe DNA Results!

23andMe, Meredith Hurston

The results are in from 23andMe !

Yay! Let’s see what they had to say about me.

Do you remember my post about why I chose 23andMe? Well, I’m finally sharing my results 🙂

I’m not too surprised by the ancestry my DNA shows. I assumed I had West African heritage because of the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It’s nice to get confirmation through haplotype testing that shows I’m closely linked folks originating from Nigeria. There are no surprises with my 20% European DNA. I’ve seen pictures from a few generations of my maternal grandfather’s family that support this conclusion. What did surprise me is the low percentage of Native American DNA I have. I recall my Father saying his “Granny Mary” was an Indian. I can’t remember which tribe, but I expected to see a stronger showing from that. I’ll have to do some research into why that may be the case. It looks like DNAeXplained has an explanation for why this may be.

I’m in the L3e2B Haplogroup

Overall, I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to test my DNA sample through 23andMe. They offer a window into your roots for a reasonable price. Included in the cost of testing is access to their website where you can connect with your DNA relatives and find familial connections.

Go ahead and order a kit to confirm your heritage. Tell me what you expect to find in the comments below.

Disclosure: some links in this post are affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase a kit from 23andMe through the links posted here.

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