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March update | So, I basically work in tech now or whatever

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Public Journal, Career Transition, Technology | 1 comment


We’re almost to the end of March and I’ve been busy, busy. At the last minute, I learned about #100Devs with Leon Noel and I decided to hop on that train. It’s a free coding BootCamp where we learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. Let me say, it has been a wild ride so far. We are about 10 weeks in, out of a total of 30 weeks. It’s absolutely good use of my time and I’ve already learned so much.

I haven’t been able to post here as much I had planned to because I’ve been working through so much material and I didn’t have anything tangible yet. Now, I have something to show. Between working full time, #100Devs, filling orders that come in for Maurita’s Essentials, trying to get in some physical activity, getting enough sleep and working on course material for the LEADS program I am in at work, I have been a tainch bit occupied. Our team just submitted our project for the LEADS program last week. We graduate on April 7, 2022. We’ve been learning all the data analytic tools, data governance and all the cool techie things we do at Johns Hopkins Medicine. It’s been insightful. I’ve picked up some SQL & Tableau skills along the way. I plan to continue working to improve my proficiency in those tools.

I did get my SCRUM product owner certification at the end of January, so I’m glad to have that under my belt.

I’m also working on a machine learning project using python to perform natural language processing for text classification. That’s the coolest thing I’m working on and more to come on that soon. To that end, I completed some learning modules with Microsoft Azure to sit for the AI-900 Azure machine learning certification. They have some really awesome tools to help automate the ML process that are basically drag and drop, instead of coding.

This week I actually stayed up late on a Wednesday until 5 in the morning to work on a project. I need to start building my portfolio, so I sat down to work on and couldn’t get to bed until it was done. I wanted to see it through. I actually needed that quick win as motivation to keep going. I followed a tutorial by Traversy Media on YouTube. It’s now live and there’s a repo on github. So I’m feeling especially sassy this week.?

So I said all that to say, as far as I’m concerned, I work in tech now or whatever. This week I have been writing Jiras at work, reading documentation and banging my head on the wall about some SQL code, lol. That’s tech, ain’t it? I still work in healthcare, but I’m doing techie tings. I’m hear for it and I love it.

As for the projects I mentioned in my previous post that are planned for this year, here’s an update.

1. I’m 75% done with this. I’m being a bit tight-lipped about it because it has potential.

2. My Tableau skills are improving and I’ve added some data to a workbook. I need to play with it more. This is ~10% complete so far.

3. This will come later in the year, most likely after I’m done with #100Devs.

Before I roll out, here’s the mobile responsive site I built from scratch. Meredith, you betta do it girl!????  ?


Meredith’s Digital Media demo site for portfolio
(click Here)