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Week 1 | It all starts with a plan

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2022 Week 1 recap

There are endless options when considering the transition to tech. My objective is to find a role that utilizes some of my background and skills. I work with a lot of lab test data, patient information and adverse event reports. Due to the sensitive nature of the information I work with, it can be hard to create projects using real data from work to showcase my skills.  With these things in mind, I need to create a learning and study plan for myself.

I have a knack for organizing meetings, facilitating and keeping things on track. For this reason, I have chosen to become a certified Scrum Product Owner through the Scrum Alliance. This is will me to learn the Agile framework for project management and secure the credential. It’s a fairly common credential in the tech community for non-coding related roles. 

After that, I’ll continue studying for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. Securing this cert will attest that I understand cloud infrastructure, which is valuable for any product owner. 

Then I’ll move on to business analyst tools like SQL and Python. 

The projects I have in mind for 2022 are:

1. Create a machine learning algorithm to categorize adverse event reports. This will save me an inordinate amount of time each month and will be a valuable asset to my institution. 

2. Create a Tableau dashboard of all the Covid test result data we’ve processed in the last 22 months. 

3. Create a database/repository for patient safety events, patient outcomes and health disparities data for the Blacks in America.  


What I worked on this week. 

Spent 3 hours in Datacamp in Introduction to SQL. 

Spent 1 hour in AWS Techincal Essentials. 

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