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Movember 2013: Mo’ Facial Hair For Mens Health

Ian and Jayesh, Movember Models
Ian and Jayesh, Movember Models

Have you noticed any guys with more facial hair this month? By last week, it may have been quite noticeable that your male co-workers, buddies or the man in your life have all been putting down the razor and growing out their facial hair. So what’s that all about? It’s all about the Movember movement and intended to be a conversation starter. In it’s 10th year around the world, Movember is starting to create quite a buzz.

What is Movember?
I first learned about Movember at the beginning of this month over at MochaDad‘s blog.  According to his blog post, he had a friend battling colon cancer and decided to grow his moustache and facial hair to raise awareness for mens health and cancer research. Back in 2003, Movember was organized by a group of guys in Australia after they were inspired by the breast cancer awareness movement that takes place in October. Men typically tend to wait longer to see a Doctor about a health concern than women and as a result they can have poorer outcomes. At, the founders of the movement focus on awareness and fundraising for prostate and testicular cancer, as well a mental health issues for men.

How Can You Get Involved?
Consider making a donation to a mens health charity this year and/or just spread the word about this awesome movement. Next Movember, you can put down your razor and choose a mens health charity to raise funds for. There are many to choose from and you can make it personal for a disease that has directly impacted you, a male family member or a good friend. See what the anchormen of morning TV program The Today Show are doing this Movember HERE.

Lets give our men a pat on the back for Movember and encourage their movement to better health. Share this post with your buddies so they can be aware and inspired by the Movember movement, too.

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