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Today Was All About Self Care

meredith hurston self care spa day
meredith hurston self care spa day
Ready for my massage at The Still Point Spa at Haven on the Lake

Today was a self care day. It was ALL about me. All day today, I took care of me. I took a day off from work. The 1st thing I did was take time to consult with a blog coach, Mrs. Brandi Riley from Mama Knows It ALL, and strategically plan for 2016. I’m actually really excited about the direction this blog will take in 2016. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from me. Woot!

After I was done with Brandi, I headed off to the spa. I turned 40 this month and one of my presents was a gift certificate to Still Point Spa at Haven on the Lake. My lovely Sands (sorority line sisters) blessed me with that gift and I couldn’t be more grateful. My soul needed it 🙂 The spa was EVERYTHING! It’s quite frou-frou she she, yet exactly what I needed. In additional to the traditional spa treatments like massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture and nail services, they have the 6 healing environments. After having a full body massage, I visited 3 of the healing environments, the crystal salt therapy room, the sauna and steam room.

Code Red, Mu Phi Flint city-wide Spr. '02
Code Red, Mu Phi Flint city-wide Spr. ’02

I highly recommend self-care days for everyone. As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently planning out my 2016. I’ll be scheduling some self-care in every month. Sometimes, it might be a day off from work, such as today was. Other times, it may mean going for a massage at Massage Envy after work and then snuggling up with a good book. Self-care might sound like a pop-culture term, but it really isn’t. It’s vital to your well-being. It’s essential that you unplug sometimes and clear your mind. Even if it’s only for an hour. Most of us lead stressful lives with demands from work, family and social. If you’re an entrepreneur like me, it can be tough to get away. There’s always work to be done. But girl, that work will be there when you get back. Go ahead and take a load off. Rest ya self. When you’re at 100% of you’re best self, you’re so much more useful to everyone who needs you. Be well.

I’m sure I missed something. What self-care tips do you have? How do you rejuvenate? Drop a line in the comments.

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