Bravo for Med X

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience at Stanford Medicine X last month. It is a welcoming place to people from all walks of life. In particular, if you suffer from chronic disease, are a disease or patient advocate, or have a courageous story about your health, they want to hear it. You are encouraged to apply for the 2015 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship.

What is an ePatient Scholarship?

Aren’t familiar with the term “ePatient”? Discover more about it in another post I wrote –> Stanford MedX Live – ePatient Leadership, Finding Your Voice

I was a 2014 ePatient Scholar as a result of being a patient advocate and for the work I do on this blog. I was accepted on the engagement track to be a social media ambassador for the duration of the conference. Additionally, I also spoke on 2 panels and facilitated a design challenge. It was such a great experience! Leading up to the conference, Medicine X has a Google Hangout a couple times per week and I was featured on 1 of those. The scholarship considers applicants for a total of 35 slots in the following categories: Engagement & Producer, Presenter and Design. It is a great way to extend the reach of your blog if your a blogger. It’s also a extension of any other type of advocacy work you may do to raise awareness about your condition. Scholarships are awarded on a full or partial basis. Full require no registration fee and partial is a deeply discounted rate of $199. There are also hotel and travel scholarships available based on need. There is no honorarium paid to attend or speak at Medicine X. 

Questions about Med X?

I’m happy to answer your questions or connect you to someone who can. I’m especially appealing to minorities to apply as we continue to suffer from a variety of diseases at a disparate rate and with more severity in comparison to the majority. Your voice and health matters to the medical community. YOU can help improve the way healthcare is delivered by telling your  story. Please consider sharing your experience! Deadline to apply is Nov. 1, 2014 and is approaching soon.

Check out my experience from the 2014 conference in the storify below. Be sure to let message me if you decide to apply. For more details about the scholarship program and the Stanford Medicine X conference, visit

A beautiful story of this amazing conference as told by the perfect blend of e-patients, conference attendees & organizers, as well as the global access program participants. #MedX truly is the intersection of medicine and emerging technologies, with patients at the center.