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I’ve got to get to Blogging While Brown 2014 in NYC

Blogging While Brown NYC 2014
Blogging While Brown NYC 2014
Blogging While Brown NYC 2014

I’m speaking into the universe that I’ll be at Blogging While Brown 2014! It’s taking place June 27-28, 2014 in NYC at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. This amazing conference is going into it’s 7th year and Who’s Who in the brown blogosphere will be there. I’ve got to be in that number.

Check Out The Highlights From Blogging While Brown 2013

I discovered Blogging While Brown just over a year ago and I’ve been eyeing it ever since. Several bloggers I’ve met at other conferences have either attended, been a panelist or presented. They sing praises for this conference and it solidified my need to be there. For instance, Luvvie (one of my homegirls in my head), over at is telling us why this conference is the place to be. Luvvie is an OG when it comes to social proof and influence. The Grio featured Blogging While Brown 2013 and quoted attendee Karla Trotman of saying:

“I have never left a conference with so many practical takeaways.  There is no way that I will miss BWB 2014.”

It’s a goldmine of information for bloggers and it’s in close proximity to me here on the east coast, so there is no way I should miss it either. I need to absorb all the knowledge I can to help me grow my audience, meet new bloggers to partner with, stay current on the ever changing SEO and social media algorithms and trends, and learn how to monetize. This year’s conference schedule features some powerhouses in the brown blogosphere and I’m confident they can help me achieve my business goals. You probably recognize, know and follow these names (if you don’t, start NOW).

One of several conference sponsors is, a site where my work has been featured. You can read the article >>HERE<<  I look forward to being able to connect with the ladies from BlogHer while I’m there to see how we are able to further collaborate.

A Warm Thanks!

Last but certainly not least,  I must kindly thank the generous folks at The Kapor Center For Social Impact for this sponsorship opportunity. I am greatly anticipating my attendance at this conference. I count it a blessing when organizations and philanthropists recognize the hard work of passionate, credible bloggers and choose to sponsor us in perfecting our craft.

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