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Come with Me to Stanford MedicineX in Silicon Valley

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I had an ugly cry a few days ago when I happened across a YouTube of Ms. Oprah at Stanford, having a Q & A with their graduate school of business students. It was an ugly cry because at that moment I realized that I too will soon be at Stanford, sitting on a similar stage to the one Oprah was gracing. It is my distinct pleasure to attend Stanford MedicineX conference this year as an e-patient scholar.

What exactly is an ePatient?

An ePatient is a person who uses the Internet and its various digital platforms such as social media or smartphone applications to gather, disseminate, and/or record information about a medical condition to which he or she is personally connected. The term may also relate to caregivers who use these tools on behalf of a patient or in relation to their own needs as caregivers. ePatients also are described as engaged and empowered patients who take a participatory role in managing their own healthcare or that of a loved one. ~ Stanford MedicineX

I spent a lot of years caring for my Mom. I took her to appointments, asked questions, read up on literature and just plain advocated for her. Back then, I never imagined that I would feel a calling to share what I learned along the way with the world. I saw challenges in the healthcare system and opportunities to make it better. So I started this blog to do my part and raise awareness for patient advocacy, health disparities, patient safety. As a result, I connected with like-minded folks on Twitter. It was @MamaSissyKat that recommended MedX to me and suggested I apply to speak at the conference on behalf of the the work I do with the blog. I thought about it and figured I didn’t have anything to lose, but didn’t quite expect to be chosen to attend, let alone speak. Low and behold, God saw fit. So, I’m on my way to Silicon Valley to give them all I’ve got in the name of patient advocacy. With that said, I hope you’re inspired to Dream BIG about making a difference, you never know where it will take you!

Global Access Program

It’s a proud and humble moment indeed! Guess what, you can share it with me. I’ll be speaking on 2 different panels. Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Providers and Emerging trends in patient safety: The role of new technologies and empowered patient. The great thing is you can attend the 3-day MedicineX conference for FREE via live stream and cheer me on from the comfort of your home or from your mobile device on-the-go. Click here TO REGISTER If you are able, please consider a donation to offset the cost of streaming for your convenience and access. No amount is too small.

Medicine X

The conference is led by Dr. Larry Chu and is a gathering place for patients, professionals in medicine, healthcare, technology and social media. Our common goal is to improve health and the delivery of healthcare. For more about MedX, visit  I was previously a guest on MedX Live.

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