2014 MedX ePatients

2014 MedX ePatients

Stanford Medicine X 2014 was more than a conference, it was an experience. So much so, that I actually had a conference hangover when I returned home. There’s a hashtag over on Twitter for #MedXhangover, it’s like REALLY a thing. I know it’s a thing, because I had it.

Where do I start? From the opening rave on Friday at 8:00:00AM (that’s 8 o’clock on the dot ) until Marvin Calderon, Jr. brought down the house on Sunday afternoon, MedX exceeded my expectations. It literally started on time, every day. There was coffee, good food, amazingly inspiring people, compassionate innovators, social do-gooders, unplugged patients, completely connected e-patients…you name it, MedX encompassed it.


[Tweet “Unparalleled appreciation for and inclusion of patient voices interspersed throughout #MedX”]This was my 1st time attending a conference of this sort. There was an unparalleled appreciation for and inclusion of the patient’s voice interspersed throughout this conference. As an e-patient scholar, I had the opportunity to experience this conference while doing something I love and that is advocating for patients. The “E” in e-patient stands for empowered and I got to empower everyone within the sound of my voice as I talked about the importance of patient safety and the role that patients and caregivers can play. For the 1st time ever I stood on stage and shared a message I have longed to give. It was rewarding and exhilarating, once I got over being a giant ball of nerves.

[Tweet “”E” in e-patient stands for empowered and I got to empower everyone within the sound of my voice”]The list of good things about MedX is a long one and I won’t try to squeeze into 1 long post. I’ll think I’ll just make it a thing and blog about it for the next few Monday’s. MedX Monday’s is what we’ll call it. Be on the lookout. In case you missed the global access program during the conference, you can check out the Livestream archives of the main stage at MedicineX here. Breakout sessions, Ignite! Talks and other MedX musings are continuously being uploaded to the MedX YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure. Do indulge!

Until next time, think about the voice you can lend to the conversation in the MedX community. We warmly embrace patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, innovators, health & wellness specialists, pharma, policy makers and technology. If I forgot anyone that patient centered innovation matters to, you are included too.

[Tweet “Are you a patient with a chronic condition? Consider the ePatient Scholarship program for 2015”]If you are a patient with a chronic or recurring condition, you should consider the ePatient Scholarship program for MedX 2015. The deadline for submission is Nov. 1, 2014. All are encouraged to apply. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me, I promise I don’t bite. I’m introverted, but usually all smiles and friendly. I’m especially nice to all who bear coffee, brownies and chick-fil-a nuggets with chick-fil-a sauce.

Blessings and good health,