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Meredith Hurston

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Software, Voice Notes & Wealthy Intentions

Hey friends! Meredith here with big news—I’ve been busy building a virtual classroom app tailored for my “Create Your Digital Twin Workshop.” This new platform can support up to 12 students and doesn’t require high-end hardware, making learning easier and more accessible. Plus, I’m considering starting a voice note series to blend with my AI art. Exciting times ahead as I aim for financial independence and consistent content creation. Stay tuned and check out the video for more details!

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I thought I was done grieving!

I had gotten to a good place with grieving the missed opportunity of motherhood by giving birth. Or so I thought. I use to tell myself I had until 42 to find a life partner and have a child. That idea had morphed over the years. I had gone from wanting 3 kids

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Peer support for women who are childless not by choice

I am starting a peer support group for women who are childless by circumstance and not by choice. My idea for this group is that it will be a safe space for women who look like me. If there is a need for it, there will be a sub-group for women who are also single and childless.

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